Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Prayer Request

I have a quick prayer request. Lately I was listening to an interview Alex and Brett Harris did on Focus on the Family a few years ago to refocus my life and remind myself how to do hard things. They spoke a little about the three pillars: character, competence and collaboration.
"A lot of times we need the humility to say I can’t do everything, I need to bring other people on my team and if this is really a vision with getting excited about, and this is really something too big to be accomplished alone, I need to be able to bring other people on my team."
I’ve been listening with my ESL project at my high school in mind and also my future as a missionary as well. As for the ESL project, I was working with a girl last year but the bulk of the project fell on me, and I was okay with that, I wanted it that way really. But she graduated and I know that I was falling short on my responsibilities. So I’m praying for God to show me someone who will be interested in coming alongside me with this project, and also for the humility to accept that person’s help. So if you could just remember me over the course of the semester, I’d appreciate it.

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  1. It is a lot of times easier to just do it yourself, rather than asking for help. I'm always afraid of asking for help because I might overwhelm them, or I would be saying that I can't do it on my own.

    Go you for trying to change that area in your life! I know this is quite a bit later, but I hope that you have been successful in that area! (I know school hasn't even started back up yet, but I'm sure there are other areas you can apply this to)

    Email coming your way, soon.

    Love you!