Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Her heart sank when she realized what Alex was doing.  Hearing Taylor's approach, Alex turned to look at her.  She met Taylor's eyes for a moment and in that instant Taylor read her best friend's every thought.  Taylor hoped her own expression had been just as clear as Alex's. She wanted Alex to see her shock, her disappointment, and her concern.  She wanted Alex to know that she did not approve and was worried.
At first on Alex's face she saw exhaustion and a little hopelessness.  But her mouth was set and her expression was hard and unyielding.  It very clearly told Taylor "I don't care what you think of me.  You have no right to judge me and nothing you say will make a difference."  But underneath the stubbornness on her face, there was something more.  There was fear in her eyes as well.  As much as she tried to hide it under her confidence, Taylor could see Alex gauging her reaction.  Alex was silently pleading with Taylor to understand.  She apologized for disappointing her friend and begged her to not be angry.  There was desperation deep within her expression.
Alex looked away as if sensing the intensity of her friend's thoughts and made her usual complaint.  "It's cold."
"Yup," Taylor replied easily.
And then they continued as if everything was normal.

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